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Numed is a nationwide generic pharmaceutical distributor with an established record of unshakable account management. Thanks to our unique approach to communications and service, we’ve come to dominate the drug industry as the partnership people.

Join us today for exclusive access to top prescription and over-the-counter products at unbeatable prices. Keep your customers and your business healthy with the knowledge that fast, friendly, personalized service is just a call away.


Forging a new pharma family

Numed remains committed to cultivating a friendly network of retailers and pharmacies who share our passion to make the healthcare industry happier, healthier and more lucrative. On either side of the capsule, buyers trust our name and the enduring quality of our products.

Side effects may include:

• Better Margins

• Knowledge of market trends

• Reliable data tracking

• Reimbursement consulting

• Target marketing solutions

Our promise: plus you

We believe putting you ahead puts everyone ahead. That’s why our promise is to inspire, empower and serve you to the best of our abilities, with the best intention in our hearts. By adding value to your business, we add quality to the lives of those in our mutual care.

Improved care

Numed supports your mission of keeping customers happy and healthy with safe, reliable, DSQA-compliant products. Our secure platform also enables you to retrieve order pedigree at any time.

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All our generic, name brand and over-the-counter products ship free with no minimums

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We carry a vast lineup of popular and hard-to-find medicines for infectious diseases

Birth control

Pay bargain prices for the nation’s top female contraceptives including tablets and injectables

Ophthalmic & Otic drops

Shop the most reputable prescription eye and ear drops for a variety of ailments

Geriatric & Maintenance

Find age-safe, stage-specific medications and preventative products designed for the elderly

HIV Treatments

We’re on top of the newest generic anti-retroviral regimens (ARV’s), that can drastically slow down the disease’s progress and prevent complications.

Suspensions and Solutions

Buy discounted liquid medication for a variety of common ailments and infections

Creams, ointments & gels

Stock everything from burn, antifungal, vaginal and pain control creams to anti-inflammatory steroids


Enjoy reduced prices on the industry’s best infertility, blood clot (enoxaparin), antibiotic and other treatments


Procure all the quality ingredients necessary to personalize popular medications

Inhalation solutions

Supply customers with affordable asthma therapies for use in portable and at-home nebulizers

Psychiatric & antidepressants

From psychiatric and anti-anxiety drugs to anti-seizure medications, find it all at the most lucid discounts


Shop bulk transdermal patches at the lowest available prices in the market

Tablets and Capsules

Offering a wide variety of dosage forms for our customer’s medications, at the most competitive of prices

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